The Meaning of These Days

About the Author

Welcome, Pilgrim Reader, to this website introduction of my memoir and musings. Son and grandson of Indian Christian pastors in India, I received my early education in Christian missionary boarding schools. My undergraduate college education occurred both in India and in the United States. On this site, I am including the first seven chapters of my manuscripts for you to read. After finishing my Master's degree in theology and Doctorate in philosophy, I myself went into the ministry, during which time this manuscript has been in progress intermittently. It has turned out to be a memoir of my trials and traumas as a pastor and seeker, and as such it is an invitation to readers of all backgrounds and orientations to brood and learn with me on the meaning of these days. I think of this book as a meditation on the threatening horizon outside the cineplex and the waxing and waning of the human soul.

One approach to the spiritual quandary is to understand religion as stranded between a rock and a hard place. On the one side we see the explosion of fundamentalism and radicalism, prompting Jane Kramer, writing in The New Yorker recently, to say that we live in fierce theological times. She was referring to Islamic extremism and its repudiation of the decadence of Western secularism, though Christian fundamentalism thrives on the same critique. On the other side religion is under increasing attack today by its cultured despisers, a term used by Friederich Schleiermacher, the great liberal theologian of the 19th century, to point to the erudite critics of religion in his own day.

To reach persons of diverse backgrounds and cultural affinities broadly, I address the religious middle ground not by pursuing the usual scholarly path of argumentation, but by telling the story of my own personal quest for love, truth, and meaning. The narrative takes the reader through the dark valleys of striving and desire, and up toward the blowing snow plateaus of deep release, Truth in the big sense, and the insane joy of being alive and loving the land.


Note that my book has now been published and is available through Amazon or through Wipf and Stock, Publishers.